FEMMEBIT Festival 2019 is a 3-day visual art festival in Los Angeles celebrating the work of over 50 diverse, enterprising, innovative and forward-thinking women. It takes place Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd 2019. 

The festival will include a VJ dance party, immersive installations, light and sound art, virtual reality, augmented reality, projections, new media, and a variety of stunning and engaging artistic concepts. 

FEMMEBIT 2019 will also have a merchandise store selling limited edition fine art pieces and swag, a full bar, and outstanding opportunities to engage with the FEMMEBIT community. 

FEMMEBIT 2019 can only be made possible through donations like yours. The suggested donation is $25, but there is no minimum or maximum. The deadline to reach our goal is May 31, 2019. Please share this link with your friends and community:


Thank you again to our Femmebit 2016 GoFundMe Supporters :

Alexa Hudnut, Julie Hitchcock, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Thao Nguyen & Andreas Krainer & Baby ABK, Pendleton Ward, Elsa Gomez, Ben Vance, Jennifer and Jean Louis Velaise + family, Janine and Correy Avner, Scott Andrew, Steven Hudrosh, Kelani Nichole, Melissa Lavabre, Curime Batliner, Julieta Gil, Vince McKelvie, RYAT, Carlos Lopez, Adam Eeuwens, Richelle Gribble, Jeremy Schwartz, Rebeca Mendez, Darryl Cooper, Cole Ferrier, Roxell Karr, Jeffrey Horton, Daniel Rehn, Scott Andrew, noncentsmoney, Wendellen Li, Cameron Ormiston, Travis Flournoy, Next Art, and those wishing to remain Anonymous. 

Every contribution helps to realize FEMMEBIT IRL!