FEMMEBIT is a platform and triennial festival uniting an all-female roster of Los Angeles based artists working in video and new media. A celebration spanning a curated program of symposiums, screenings and exhibitions, FEMMEBIT examines today’s society at large as an ever-changing medium; how women working with and between technologies enable progressive ideas to be born through active creation; and how we, as proponents of these fields, must work together to shape, share, and grow a future receptive open to progress.

FEMMEBIT’s second edition returns in June 2019, kicking-off with an event series throughout March to coincide with International Women’s Month. Programming frames varied points of conversation: 2016’s topics explored the artist’s identity in a corporate world, the screen as avatar and persona, and how the anatomy of video–– as a user tool with malleable architectures–– induces possibilities for sculpting an empowered female form. Showcasing artists ranging in career and media trajectories, FEMMEBIT places creators in context to enrich narratives explored through their individual practices. Among their impressive contributions, participating FEMMEBIT artists have been featured in Interview Magazine, Artforum, BuzzFeed, Los Angeles Times, VICE, Art in America, New York Times, and LA Weekly. 

FEMMEBIT is produced through the curatorial collaboration and resources extended through Kate Parsons (Co-Founder, FLOAT), Sharsten Plenge, (Founder, WOAH - We Open Art Houses), Janna Avner, Dahn Gim (Independent Curator/Co-Founder, MAKINGOUT.LA), Eva Aguila (Founder, Coaxial Arts Foundation), and Richelle Gribble (Director, The Nook Gallery).