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PANEL: Subverting the Game State

Kelani Nichole founder of TRANSFER an experimental media art gallery, moderates a panel conversation with Phazero (Christina Curlee) and Cassie McQuater, two LA-based artists responding to gaming culture in their studio practice. The artists will share their backgrounds and interest in gaming, and discuss how they are using game mechanics in subversive and unexpected ways in their artworks. The panel will also touch on their experiences exhibiting video games in the context of the white cube, and talk about where they find the most value in the nebulous ecosystem of distribution, licensing, and collection of video game artworks.

Cassie McQuater 'Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds' 2019 installation view at SPRING/BREAK Art Show LA

Cassie McQuater 'Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds' 2019 installation view at SPRING/BREAK Art Show LA



Kelani Nichole

Kelani Nichole is the founder of TRANSFER, an experimental gallery supporting emerging formats in contemporary art. The gallery was founded in 2013 in NYC, and is launching programming in Los Angeles in June 2019. She specializes in variable media artworks, producing exhibitions in the home, gallery, and art market contexts. Her interdisciplinary background as a technologist working with agile product teams and startups provides Nichole a hands-on understanding of the needs and challenges of artists working with technology. TRANSFER presents immersive exhibitions of computer-based artworks like animated GIFs, software, algorithmic art, virtual and augmented reality, and online public and performance art.


Christina "Phazero" Curlee

Christina "Phazero" Curlee is a multi-disciplinary game designer specializing in Design Narrative, Game and Level Design.

Their games explore emotional experiences, marginalized identities, “digital consciousness” and video games as art practice. Their current project, Artifacts is a game experience about childhood neglect, coping, and what it means to be an adult that has learned to live comfortably with trauma.


Cassie McQuater

Cassie McQuater is a new media artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. Her games and experimental narratives have been shown at the 21st International Symposium of Electronic Art in DIY arcade spaces in Detroit and at alternative game festivals around the world. Her current work is influenced by her grandmother, who stayed up every night playing Zelda until dawn.