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Jenny Rodenhouse
The Enchanted Forest: Satellite Canopies and Digital Understories, 2017, Video, 9min. 15sec.
From satellite ✞ sensors to virtual reality content, forests are being scanned, replicated, and rendered to resolve our current climate reality and to escape into a entirely different one. The Enchanted Forest: Satellite Canopies and Digital Understories, is a short film that proposes a digital ‘season’ that appears and disappears with the passing of the International Space Station ✞, our artificial moon. Within each 4-minute scanning season, VR visitors appear, drawn into the fleeting landscape. Using a forest located in Sottochiesa (translated to ‘under the church’ ✞), the film combines interviews with Agronomist Patrizio Musitell, satellite ✞ locator applications, and popular VR forest environments to explore how our landscapes, seasons, and internal bodily rhythms might be transformed by emerging technological forces; representative of our growing faith ✞ in the planetary interface.

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Justine Melford-Colegate
The Hollows, 2019, Digital Video, 18min. 39sec.
Events unfold vicariously through a sequin adorned knight: tumbling, pacing, waking and desire are always mediated by the ambiguity of the landscape. The potential of the desert provokes possibility and impossibility at the same time, a state where Life and Non-life converge, temporally out of synch. Because the desert holds and invokes the possibility of life (in stasis, dormancy, decline), it causes the search for and belief in life in deserted environments. The drone footage is an improvised ‘call and response’ performative engagement with a machine. This part of the video is silent and offers us a different view; one synonymous with war, inherently a gaze of the future, the aerial view that is peripheral and watching. 'The Hollows' invites contemplation around the distinctions between space and place. Anchoring the video with a human subject complicates the differences and definition of the former, with the chaos of desire and subjectivity.

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Erica Ryan Stallones
Leo Rising, 2018, Digital Video, 5min. 55sec.
Twelve friends and strangers who share a Leo Ascendant perform the movements originated in The AstroAerobics Lab for each astrological sign in the twelve houses of the Zodiac.

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Piper Mavis
Medium (He's come to tell you there's no death.), 2009, HD Video, 12min. 20sec.
Medium (He’s come to tell you there’s no death.) is a video work exploring the ability of a medium to act as a conduit (almost like an old-fashioned telephone operator) to facilitate a conversation between two people and two worlds that would otherwise be impossible. Originally conceived for an exhibition by Five Years, London exploring the theme of conversations.