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Interactive Projects: AR / VR / Installation


Kristin McWharter
Sticky Apples. 2019, VR
Sticky Apples is a Virtual Reality experience inspired by the divination traditions of the folk game bobbing for apples. Blending the haptic feedback of novelty party trinkets with the kinematic expression of the body, the work explores the boundaries between physical, virtual, and metaphysical play.


Atley Loughridge
DAVINA, 2017, VR
"Davina" uses VR to analyze emotional systems within the context of Davina's relationship with their mother. The player accompanies Davina in a heightened psychological moment of their life. By orienting lenses, the player decides how Davina views their mother, and if it's the right time to reach out.


Noa Kaplan, Szilvia Ruszev
Heterotopias, 2019, VR
Heterotopias is an interactive virtual reality experience based on Michel Foucault’s influential lecture, Des espaces autres. The experience leverages eye-tracking technology to transform users’ blinks into cinematic cuts. With every blink, the virtual space alters, producing variable configurations of stereo-360 footage and computer generated models. Throughout the experience, disembodied voices whisper selected phrases drawn from the original recording of Foucault’s 1967 lecture in French, as well as from readings of Jay Miskowiec’s 1984 English translation. To complement the ungrounded transformation of space, the user is suspended in a hanging chair.

Screenshot 2019-05-30 21.24.25.png

Elizabeth Leister
Rockhaven Creepers Trilogy, 2018, VR
Inspired by "The Yellow Wallpaper" written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1932, Rockhaven Creepers utilizes 360 video to bring the viewer into the space of the abandoned Rockhaven Sanitarium. Each room is inhabited by a dancer, a character, who through movement, embodies the various "nervous disorders" associated with female health in the 1930's and even through present day.

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Tonia Be, Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero
Good Girl, 2018, Mixed Reality Installation
Good Girl VR is a mixed reality installation set in an alternate reality where the artist’s body has entered a frozen state. Visit Good Girl Labs, where Tonia’s body awaits researchers who use VR to plug into their subconscious and encounter performance personas in surreal landscapes representing the paradoxical demands and desires of American’t life. What’s your diagnosis?


Lena Daly
Night Life, 2019, Installation
Presented for FEMMEBIT Festival, Nightlife is a pop-up exhibit featuring works by Lena Daly. On view in the storefront adjacent to Civic Center Studios at 213 S Broadway, the installation encompasses video projection mapped onto sculptural objects integrating lighting and sound. The sculptures are uv‐reactive and phosphorescent, which interact with the video projection and respond to uv‐lighting by glowing— appearing fluorescent in low light. Elements are elevated further with sound via Hypersonic speakers which use ultrasound and are audible only when in close proximity to the sculptural scene. A hydrophone field recording of coral and sea life engages viewer intimacy, with each environment placed selectively to illuminate a cavernous space. Curated by Sharsten Plenge / WOAH.

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